Price list

Green Vets provides a wide range of veterinary services, many of which are a mix of services, medicines and consumables. The uniquely complex nature of some procedures means estimates can only be given for individual pets and cases. We will endeavour to give realistic initial estimates, based on the best available information at the time, of the anticipated cost of veterinary treatment.


Estimates are given, so that clients will be able to make a considered decision, are informed what financial impact the proposed procedure may have on them, and how this can be funded.


When we admit an animal for a procedure, we include any estimated charge or fee on the consent form. The client typically agrees to the nature of the procedure as well as to the estimated cost. If it becomes evident that the initial estimate or a limit set by the client is likely to be exceeded, the client will be contacted as soon as it is practicable to do so and informed, and their additional consent obtained.

If the client is unable to be contacted, or when delaying additional treatment would have an imminent negative impact on animal welfare, then we reserve the right to administer additional treatment and forward the cost for this to the client without their explicit prior consent. In such cases, we consider this consent implied by the pet being under our care.


There are a number of procedures for which prices  are more or less standard. So that clients will be able to make a considered decision about choosing our services, these are included in the price list below.

There may be additional charges to these standard procedures, such as worm and flea treatments during booster vaccinations, medications during consultations, and protective pet-vests after neutering. We will typically seek prior consent before clients incur additional charges for these treatments.


Consult initial £47.00
Consult Second £40.00
Consult ongoing £32.00
Consult Small Mammal / Bird £29.00
Consult Nurse £21.00

Empty Anal Glands £21.00
Clip Claws / Nails £21.00
ID chip £20.00

Animal Health Certificate £171.00
Fit to Fly Certificate £76.00
Emergency before 10pm £150
Emergency 10pm – 8am £200

Emergency at SWIFT – click for current prices
Out of hours advice nurse £20
Visit Daytime £146
Visit Daytime > 45 miles £176
Visit Night / Sunday £320
Visit Saturday £162

Prescription fee – first medicine £ 23

Prescription fee – additional medicine for same pet £ 20

External Laboratory handling fee £14.93

Laboratory interpretation fee £29.84


Initial Vaccination course £81.50
Booster annually £54.50
Kennel cough vaccination alone £51.00
Kennel cough vaccination with booster £40.00
Parvo (16 weeks) £27.00

Rabies Vaccination £69.00

Castrate 0-10kg £288
Castrate 10-25kg £306
Castrate 25-45kg £324
Castrate >45kg £343
Spay 0-10kg £352
Spay 10-25kg £374
Spay 25-45kg £424
Spay >45kg £487
Dental scale and polish only £99.90 (add GA)
GA 0-10kg £129.78
GA 10-25kg £145.24
GA 25-45kg £170.89
GA >45kg £184.38


Initial Vaccination course £84.00
Booster £67.50
Initial vaccination course FeLV only £75.00
Castrate £81.50
Spay Flank £150
Spay Midline £185
Dental scale and polish only £67 (add GA)

GA £129.78


Castration £113.50
Spay £163
Vaccination Myxomatosis/ VHD1+2 £63


Guinea Pig
Castrate £113.50
Spay £163


Vaccination DHP £46
Vasectomy £176
Castration £12


All prices are inclusive of VAT and are subject to semi-annual review to allow for inflation adjustment.