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How green are we

Dog sitting in its dog basket

How Green
is Green Vets?

When we set out our vision for a modern veterinary surgery, we knew that it not only had to reflect our professional commitment to the best animal care but also our personal convictions about environmental sustainability.

We have made it our priority to look for suppliers that could help us realize this vision.


We have partnered up with Octopus Energy, one of Europe’s largest investors in renewable power, managing 300+ UK green energy producers (mostly solar and wind farms).

For every kWh of electricity they supply, they pump extra investment into renewable generation by buying a portion of their energy directly from UK green generators.

This includes getting energy from community generators, and their own green generation via over 300 renewable sites managed by Octopus Energy Generation (making them Europe’s biggest investor in solar energy) On top of this, they also invest in green generation by buying energy from the open market alongside green REGO certificates to supply us with reliable, consistent energy when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

In 2018, Octopus committed to providing even greener energy – switching all their customers to 100% renewable electricity.

Fuel Octopus National Average
Coal 0% 3.8%
Natural Gas 0% 38.5%
Nuclear 0% 16.1%
Renewables 100% 38.7%
Other 0% 2.9%
Total 100% 100%

Source: Ofgem, 1st April ’21 to 31st March ’22. Find out more about Octopus Energy

Co-owner of Derril Water Solar Park and Whitelaw Brae Wind Farm

Green Vets has taken another exciting step toward environmental sustainability.

Until now if you wanted to own your own source of green electricity, typically your only option was to install solar panels on your house. This all changed in 2017, with the foundation of Ripple, a company that was set up to give people the opportunity to own their own source of large-scale, low-cost renewable power. Until then, only large corporations had been able to own their own source of low-cost renewable energy for a number of years; Now Ripple is enabling household energy consumers and small businesses to do the same and to make green energy ownership affordable and accessible for everyone.

They already run a cooperatively owned wind farm in Wales, and a second wind farm in Scotland is under construction and set to start generating green electricity in 2024.

They now have secured planning consent for the construction of a solar park. Based in the Torridge district of Devon, Derril Water Solar Park will have about 70,000 panels which have the potential to power around 14,000 homes with the cheapest and greenest power and will save 19,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. It will be the first shared solar park in the UK to have one of its owners as a cooperative, which is owned by the people who will benefit from its green, low-cost electricity. It aims to bring a new form of high-impact climate action into the mainstream.

In April 2024 Ripple announced their third people-owned wind farm project, Whitelaw Brae.

Nestled in the Scottish Borders moorland, just north of Moffat and close to Tweedsmuir, Whitelaw Brae Wind Farm is set to be the UK’s largest people-owned renewable energy project, capable of powering around 54,000 homes.

Green Vets have bought enough shares in both projects to generate 100% of our electricity needs with room to grow, all carbon neutral, without paying money to the large corporations who have benefitted from the volatile energy prices in recent times.


Find out more about Ripple and how to part-own a wind farm here


Green vets van with staff sitting and standing outside


In July 2020 we finally realised our dream of having the U.K.’s first Zero-Emissions, Fully Electric Veterinary Ambulance. With the help of  Go Green Autos we found a van with bespoke kenneling for 2 dogs and plenty of room for emergency equipment.

It is charged with 100% renewable electricity from our supplier, reducing our carbon footprint even further.

Ethical Internet


While many people are making the effort to be more conscientious about their use of resources, there are some ways individuals unknowingly waste. One of these more hidden resource drainers are the server hosts people connect to every day when they surf the internet.

In 2013, U.S. data centres alone consumed about 100 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, representing more than 2% of all U.S. electricity use.   ( 10 facts to know about  data centers, Office of energy efficiency & renewable energy, November 17, 2014) With the increasing use of the internet, global use of data centres is only going up.

So how can this problem be solved? We can’t stop using the internet and companies still need to rely on data centres. The only available answer is green server hosting. Green hosting, also known as eco-friendly hosting, reduces the environmental impact of internet hosting by utilizing green technologies.

We have teamed up with Ethical Internet. They offer a comprehensive hosting package on a UK-based server located in a 100% renewable energy powered data centre.

find out more about Ethical Internet here

Cleaning Products

Isn’t it ironic how most conventional cleaning products create more waste and pollution outside our homes and businesses? At Green Vets we care about what happens when we send these products off into the wider world. It did take a bit of research, but we found some great environmentally friendly cleaning alternatives for the practice.Traditional disinfectants used in veterinary practices are especially environmentally toxic and continue to do harm long after they are flushed down the drain. Finding environmentally friendly disinfection products has been one of the biggest challenges, but we have found some innovative solutions to this problem.

Salvesan is safe, fast and effective against all known pathogens and kills 99.9999% of harmful germs, viruses and spores including influenzas, E-coli, C-difficile, MRSA and Norovirus. It is formulated from hypochlorous acid, which is harmless to humans and animals and is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

We use Aerte Air Disinfection Units in the consult rooms and operating theatre. These have been developed in conjunction with British microbiologists, infection control experts and engineers to replicate the way in which the natural environment protects and cleaning the air in open spaces. The technology reproduces these effects in an enclosed environment such as hospitals, wards, schools or theatres (to name a few examples), neutralising airborne pathogens. The Air Disinfection Unit is one of the winning products in the Smart Solutions for HCAI programme 2009 and is in use in a number of UK hospitals. It has proven to be effective against MRSA, C. difficile, Norovirus and H1N1. It uses Calcium Peroxide that after use breaks down into harmless natural compounds. Reducing the microbiological burden through the use of Air Disinfection units means we can reduce on harmful cleaning products and still achieve a cleaner surgical environment.