Welcome to Green Vets

York’s independent vet

Green Vets brings traditional family vet values back to the city, with modern facilities and a wealth of veterinary experience.

Many veterinary businesses follow standard formulas dictated by ever-larger corporate structures. In contrast, we are fiercely independent.

Rob with a dog

We do not have the pressure to deliver ever increasing returns for external shareholders, and we make our own decisions. This allows us to focus on what really matters: clinical excellence, genuine care for our patients, and creating a great place to work for our staff.

It allows us to invest heavily in our practice with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. We can choose medicines and treatments based on individual patients’ needs, and not on profit.

We nurture  good relationships with our clients, by taking time to talk to them in our standard 20 minute consults, drawing up treatment plans and building rapport with them. This personalised care, based on a mutual investment in the pet’s health and well-being is a formula that works. Our motto is ‘Healthy Pets – Happy People’ for a good reason.


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Environmental sustainability is our thing, and we have built the practice around this principle. Our surgery is vet-designed, has a homely feel with an abundance of natural light and ergonomic work-stations.

We take our Green mission seriously with important choices like purchasing all our electricity from suppliers who support the development of renewable energy sources, to the smallest details like our uniforms which are made from plastic bottles recovered from the sea. We also have the U.K.’s first all-electric veterinary ambulance to reduce our carbon footprint even further. None of these are cheap choices. But we feel that actions speak louder than words.

Why a new vet in York?

Green Vets was the first independent veterinary surgery to open in York for over 15 years.

Like in many other professions, Veterinary surgeries in the UK are increasingly taken over by corporate businesses resulting in an ever declining number of independent local practices. Today, out of all the 14 clinics and branches in the York area, 8 are owned by the same corporate group, and  2 clinics are corporate branded joint ventures. Before Green Vets opened in 2019, there were only 2 independent veterinary businesses left.

Green Vets is bucking this trend and openend a brand new, independent veterinary surgery in Acomb in 2019. We bring traditional family vet values back to the city, with modern facilities and a wealth of veterinary experience.

Image of Rob and Anna. Vets at Green Vets

Unlike the large corporate-owned clinics, Green Vets is 100% owned by Rob and Anne, a husband and wife team of experienced vets. This setup enables us to re-invest profits in the business without the need to redistribute and drain dividends to external shareholders. It also gives us the opportunity to provide the consistent personalised service that the larger practices find ever harder to deliver. At Green Vets it is possible for your pet to see the same vet every time. This has enormous advantages for continuity of care.

With state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical facilities, friendly, experienced staff and ample off-street parking, we offer an outstanding one-stop veterinary care experience.