How Green are we?

How Green is Green Vets?

When we set out our vision for a modern veterinary surgery, we knew that it not only had to reflect our professional commitment to the best animal care but also our personal convictions about environmental sustainability.

We have made it our priority to look for suppliers that could help us realize this vision.


All the electricity we use in the practice is sourced purely from renewables.

We have partnered up with Good Energy who buy 100% renewable electricity from over 1,400 independent generators and businesses, from local farmers to sustainable businesses.  Their energy sources range from urban solar farms to bio-generation from waste dairy products and wind power in the UK.

Their current energy fuel mix looks like this

(Fuel mix disclosure period: April 2017 – March 2018)

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While many people are making the effort to be more conscientious about their use of resources, there are some ways individuals unknowingly waste. One of these more hidden resource drainers are the server hosts people connect to every day when they surf the internet.

In 2013, U.S. data centres alone consumed about 100 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, representing more than 2% of all U.S. electricity use.   ( 10 facts to know about  data centers, Office of energy efficiency & renewable energy, November 17, 2014) With the increasing use of the internet, global use of data centres is only going up.

So how can this problem be solved? We can’t stop using the internet and companies still need to rely on data centres. The only available answer is green server hosting. Green hosting, also known as eco-friendly hosting, reduces the environmental impact of internet hosting by utilizing green technologies.

We have teamed up with Ethical Internet. They offer a comprehensive hosting package on a UK-based server located in a 100% renewable energy powered data centre.

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