Out of Hours Cover Update

We normally see all emergencies at our Green Lane clinic, but COVID has finally caught up with us.

Anne will not be able to meet clients or other staff face to face until August 25th due to quarantine restrictions, and Rob will be isolating until at least 27th August

As a result, we have taken the decision to outsource our out-of-hours cover to Swift emergencies in Wetherby for the foreseeable future.

During this period, there will be no out-of-hours service operating from our Green Lane surgery.

Our nurses will take emergency calls as usual on 01904 393 393 and should be able to advise whether your pet needs to see a vet urgently
In such an event, our nurses will redirect you to Swift Emergencies in Wetherby. (Unit 706 Ave E W, LS23 7GA, 01937 374 888) They will also be available to call directly if you feel your pet needs urgent attention.
Swift Emergencies is a dedicated emergency out-of-hours provider for local veterinary practices
They have world-class facilities and dedicated staff working around the clock to ensure patients receive the highest standard of care. They are available throughout the night, even if it is only for advice, to put both you and your pet at ease during this worrying time
If your pet needs to be seen, they will give you directions and an indication of the relevant consultation fees. They are 11.5miles, or 20 minutes away from our Surgery on Green Lane. Their emergency fees start at £90 for a consultation before midnight and £150 for a consultation after midnight. A guide to their other charges can be found here.

2 Replies to “Out of Hours Cover Update”

  1. Can you advise if there is still a waiting list to be registered and if your out of hours cover is whetherby ?
    I feed my dogs Bella & Duke raw – some vets are not keen on raw feeding so want to know this before I wait to be registered.

    1. Hello Sarah

      Thank you for your enquiry. We do not actively support raw feeding as there are recognised safety risks associated with these diets, and no scientifically demonstrable befits to date. However some of our clients feed raw, and it is ultimately their decision what to feed their pets.

      Best wishes

      Green Vets

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